Using the best mineral bases, coupled with latest technology in additive packages, Lubrico products has been proven helpful to our customers from various industries to achieve efficiency in both production and financially, as they maintain our lubrication and maintenance programs. 

Supported by expert research, production and marketing teams, your trust and partnership is our ultimate goal.

Our Innovative



As the oil releases bubbles/foam, it lessen the chances of oxidation (bubble/foam = air/oxygen). Well, to put it simply, this oxidation process degrades the lubricant and shorten its lifetime.


Lubrico oils and greases help protect your equipment against oxidation (see Suppress Oxidation & references), excessice friction and wear. Our aim is to help you achieve your efficiency target and give you peace of mind, knowing that you have a partner who is always there for you.


With longer equipment life, longer production hours, less downtime and less operational costs as our main goal,  we will work together, creating preventive maintenance programmes custom suited to your specific needs.

“Lubrico products are designed
to satisfy and exceed the need
for industrial lubricants that is
effective but economical
in this ever competitive world”